The Bear in the Bookstore - Webster Finds a Friend

The Bear in the Bookstore - Webster Finds a Friend

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Webster T Bear was a toy bear who lived in a bookstore with lots of other stuffed animals. He watched as grownups and children came and went each day, and he watched as his animal friends went home with them. He wondered if he would ever have a boy or girl to love, and to love him return. He wondered how it would feel to leave the place he had always known. He wondered how it would feel to belong to somebody. It could be fun, and it could be scary. One day, he had his chance to learn how it love and be loved in return.

This is a Learn-to-Grow Book (TM) with discussion aids and glossary, so children can interact with the story. Also included are suggestions for sharing stories with your child.

Author Yvonne Morris was born in Dublin, Ireland. She has loved reading and storytelling as long as she can remember. Yvonne was inspired to write this bedtime story while visiting a good friend in Florence Oregon. In Old Town Florence there is a sweet little bookstore that also sells teddy bears and other toys. THE BEAR IN THE BOOKSTORE - WEBSTER FINDS A FRIEND is her first collaboration with Jesse De La Cour, an Irish artist now living in Germany. Yvonne lives in the central California town of Fresno. She can be contacted at

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